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When you think about a yoga studio, you think about candles, shakra’s and… about a kind of people. Breaking down these stereotype thoughts was our biggest challenge. At least to lower the threshold for those who would normally pass along. Yoga is proven to be good for body, mind and soul. But why, especially here in the Netherlands, is this not a common practise? The benefits are huge and necessary for so many people.

Before we started the parameters were “modern”, “friendly” and “clean”. We made decisions by looking at all other yoga studio’s. Mainly not to go in that direction. The launch of this newly born identity had to be solid though to convince our clients at first.

The logo consists of widely spaced name and with a changeable asana (pose). A pose is to be seen when you look at the other postures and understand the place of the hands, knees, head etc. Eventually you can recognize it quickly. Your mind tries it every time. That last part is imported because now the logo can never be dull. You can play with the colored circles that symbolises the energy and focus in each posture. There are 8.4 miljoen asana’s and now as well Yoga Kumar logo’s.