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Over dit project

The company is a place where you can stay for a couple of days with a large group. Mainly schools and music associations are their customers, as well as small clubs. You name it, as long as the group isn’t too small and you don’t hotel meassurments when you stay for the night.

It is surrounded by a forest filled with all kind of outdoor activities. Staying inside isn’t where their focus is.

The request we received was nice and not too complicated. We had to restyle their logo. Adding a new style of illustrations too we proceed to fill in all the other parts untill the identity was renewed. With a new typeface and colors the boundaries were set. Routing signs, compliments cards, stickers, letter paper, envelops, business cards.. just to name a few. Followed up by the online part (website and social media).

The target group wasn’t only the youngsters that are primarely there. But the decission makers that will book the small vacation. So to speak it had to be friendly, fresh looking with a business touch to it all to underline the quality of their services.