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Over dit project

This medical company, based in the far north of The Netherlands, operating world wide, found us. Pretty cool if you think about it, specially when you know that we operate in the south. On the otherhand is it only 220 km. A walkabout in australian standards.

The overview of their identity was quite compleet. From bussiness cards to exhibition booths, it was all there. Looking closer you could see the many hands that have been working on all of these items. Divers in style, colors, materials, even typefaces and type-settings. So… Our sleeves went up, we spitted in our hands and starting shaving the identity bit by bit. From rough to our eventually goal, smooth as a baby butt.

We started to determine the values off the company. Set some paramaters to work with. Shortly even delivering hand out products such as leaflets and product information guides before even the identity manual has been completed. That was quite challenging and a Merlin approach was necessary. We looked as far as possible into the future.

At this point Comed BV made a giant step forward in their identity. Really working hard on their details and refinements in all their promotional items that it is starting to pay of. You can call it “harvesting of their campaigns”.