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Over dit project

The goals for Broyeurfabriek were clear. Within a few years the identity had to be rock solid and throughout the whole company. The look and feel had to be friendly and fresh. Approachable but as the same time attention for every product. Mirroring the quality of their divers products and with simplicity in use, the identity should be the same.

Toilets and boilers are their main products. The contrast that water and fire contain was the base of the logo. The slightly change in color, orange and turquois (orange for fire instead of red, turquois instead of blue for water) is a well known color combination and always looks good. The turquois color gives the identity a fresh and hygienic feel. Daring to communicate and stick out in product and price is the taskrol of the color orange.

All the manuals received a make-over in a “IKEA” fashion. Assemble explained step by step and in small steps. Everybody should be able to install one of their products. This was such a major issue because the time used on the helpdesk, couldn’t be used for sales. The eventually results are, with these redesigned manuals, that the service calls dropped down with 85%. Quite an achievement if we may say so.

The showroom was a different deal. Each product was put on a pedestal. Mainly to highlight each product and to lift it off the ground to a “talkable” level. That would improve the sales and emphasize the quality.